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Whoever you are, wherever you are from, you are welcome here.

We stand with you, and believe with you.

Fernando Garay  ( Fuego Ministries) is a traveling ministry and brings an atmosphere of joy, peace and love, and it becomes a place where people can meet Jesus, believers can engage in a life-giving community, (YouTube/FernandoGarayMinistries) and everyone is welcome. We believe in creating a space where people can have authentic encounters with Christ, discover their gifts and use them for Him!  Receive a Prophetic Word over your life that will bring direction to your destiny and purpose.

We welcome all.

We have a  YouTube/FernandoGarayMinistries presence and preach and teach the principles of God locally, nationally (USA) and internationally.  Our vision is to go and raise up believers with the love of God and the demonstration of the power of God in lives. Jesus is LORD! We do Tour de Fuego  which are tours  going from city to city, church to church (as God opens doors) nation to nation.  We  endeavor to be encouraging and teach others  to live  a life devoted to Christ. 

Power Words 

Receive a right now teaching with encouraging scriptures that will lead you to a victorious outcome daily.  As we connect our faith together, we will have what God says we can have. You and I are in agreement that Jesus is Lord, and He will confirm His word.

Our Logo

Jesus wants us to keep the fire in our hearts burning for Him. The word FUEGO is a Spanish word meaning fire.  When God gave me the verse for the ministry I really got happy because God is a Fire! Then as time passed He showed me that the verse Leviticus 6:13 (keep the fire on the altar burning) has the same numbers as John 3:16 which talks about "God so loved the world that He send His only begotten Son.."  

Thank You Jesus for our new logo.  The Hebrew letter 'shin' is the one we use and that dominates our ministry.  It means El Shaddai or Almighty‼  God revealed to us that each flame of fire represents one of the 3 annual festivals to celebrate Jesus and His LOVE.  (This revelation is exclusive to Fuego 🔥Ministries.)
 We also noticed that in the Logo the letter Shin looks like a crown 👑 wow! // 


Gracias a Dios por nuestro nuevo logo. La letra en Hebreo ‘shin’ es la que usamos y que  domina nuestro ministerio. Quiere decir El Shaddai o Todopoderoso‼️ Dios nos revelo que cada llama de fuego representa una de las 3 fiestas anuales para celebrar a Jesus y Su AMOR. (Esta revelacion es exclusiva de Fuego 🔥Ministries.)
Tambien notamos que en el Logo la letra Shin parece una corona 👑 wow

Fernando Garay / Fuego Ministries

Sundays 10-12 am
Fridays 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Monday - Thursday 2-5 pm