Will you obey Me?  Yes, Lord! I responded
Move to the West Coast

How it all started...

After 20 years pastoring in Virginia, God spoke to my spirit. Son, it is time. Will you move to the West Coast?  Everything was going great. The church was dynamic, and we where influencing different areas of the community. Including, the police department, court system, doctors and lawyers, entrepreneurs where being raised, businesses where being established, the five fold ministry was on fire!!!  What a time to ask.  My wife and I shared this with our children, and they where all in agreement. Go for it!  We packed our bags, and are now living in San Diego.  What's the next step Lord?
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Estadio Chochi Sosa

the vision...

Our Vision is  simple. We see ourselves bringing the gospel to different parts of the world, as the Lord leads.  In our vision we will do large crusades as we reach thousands of souls for Jesus Christ. We see ourselves demonstrating the power of the gospel just like Paul taught us!  In addition, we  see our selves training and teaching Pastors and Leaders in the Body of Christ to exercise the Supernatural move of God in their ministries.

Go and Baptize them...

We will baptize those that desire to be baptized. 
Arabian Sea
Karachi, Pakistan

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Friday night as we gather to worship together at 7pm-9pm.